27 Jun


It’s Friday! And even better, we have a long weekend coming up, which means more sleeping and TV time for me…yipee! I will be heading out for dinner with my paleo foodie buddy Sheereen, and since we love to eat like messy hungry piggy’s, I decided to keep my meals light and low carb so I’ll have enough room to accommodate the yummy Italian food we’ll be stuffing our faces with tonight 😀 and yes, I guess you can call it a cheat day lol. Sheereen and I always go to different restaurants in the city to try out different cuisines, and since we live in a very multicultural city (Toronto, Canada), there are so many restaurants that cater to different cultures (Italian, Greek, Ethiopian, Philipino, Mexican, etc). Let’s just say a night out to dinner is never a dull moment, after all we are foodies.

These zucchini pizza boats are low carb, high in protein and low in calories if you’re counting 🙂

I’ve actually made a similar recipe before but it’s quite old, so head right over to my Zucchini Pizza Boats post to check it out and substitute the filling/toppings with 1 can organic tuna (salt free) and ¼ cup grated partly skimmed mozzarella cheese.


Happy Friday!

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