6 May


As the weather gets warmer, our bodies are gradually transiting from the winter hibernation into the spring season, so what better way to encourage that process other than having fun with your healthy juices? It’s never too early for shots if they look like these, so I say, “shots shots shots shots shots shots.…everybody!!” 😀


If you’re curious about how I got three different colors, that’s easy! To get the yellow color I started by adding the peaches and carrots into the juicer, then I poured some of it in a shot glass. For the green color, I added the parsley, celery, pear and cucumber (It was added to the peach and carrot mixture) and poured it into the second shot glass. For the red color, I added the beets, ginger, and lemon and poured it into the third shot glass…finito! The colors of the beets are very concentrated, so you bet the rest of the juice came out bright red 😉 Have a great day guys! And enjoy the weather, it’s sunny! 😀

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