7 Jan


I have sugar cravings every now and then, (okay more like everyday), but having half of a kit kat bar or a sugary doughnut wouldn’t make you feel the greatest if you are working towards specific results on your fitness goals. Dates are a nutritious way to conquer those cravings because they contain natural sugars and also have various nutritional benefits (antioxidants, maintains blood sugar balance, energy and brain booster, reduces blood pressure, etc). Dates are also slightly high in calories (1 medium medjool date=about 67 calories), which doesn’t make it bad for you, but something that you have to consume in moderation. It is important to note that when consuming natural sugars, whether it’s from fresh fruits or natural sweeteners, overconsumption will still cause a rise in blood sugar levels and can also cause weight gain, especially if they have a higher glycemic index, so moderation is the key. If you find the date fruit too sweet, you can have it with dark chocolate (over 70% is recommended) because it helps balance out the sweetness and also adds an extra nutritional boost. The benefits of dark chocolate can be found in my previous recipe post (type in dark chocolate kiwi popsicles in the search bar and you will find it).


Cut a date fruit in half and add 2 pieces of organic quality dark chocolate (I used 85%), and some raw almond butter. Consume blissfully πŸ™‚

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